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Introduction:  BM Intelligence Singapore

            As one of the leading financial services providers, BM Intelligence Group (“BMI Group”) provides corporate consulting and financial services to both companies as well as individuals. The group is headquartered in Hong Kong and supported by branch offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. The group is engaged in a wide variety of professional services include accounting services, corporate secretarial services, tax compliance services, pre-IPO consultancy, private placements, private equities, mergers and acquisitions and business advisory.

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    We provide a large range of services that are guaranteed to satisfy your professional needs.

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BM Intelligence Group – Singapore
Address: 1 Coleman Street The Adelphi #08-07
                Singapore 179803
Tel: (65) 6535 9595
Fax: (65) 6535 9592

Accounting services

Compliance services

Corporate secretarial services

Tax services

Business advisory services

Accounting and Compliance Services

            BMI Accounting Services Pte Ltd, a member of the BM Intelligence Group headquartered in Hong Kong, is a professional services provider of comprehensive book-keeping and compilation of Financial Statements.

Accounting services
1) Preparation of financial and management reports
2) Provision of Goods & Services Tax (“GST”) advisory service, preparation of GST reports and submission of GST Return to the   
    Comptroller of GST
3) Assistance to the external auditors for year end audit. Such assistance may include:
    i) Preparation of audit schedules
    ii) Meetings
    iii) Correspondences
    iv) Attendance to audit queries
    v) Other incidental assistance to the external auditors if require
4) Human resource services include:
    i) Preparation of monthly payroll in accordance with government authorities and employment contracts
    ii) Submission of Central Provident Fund (CPF) contribution
    iii) Maintain proper payroll records
    iv) Preparation of IR8A for employees
5) Computerized Accounting software training
    i) Procurement of accounting software
    ii) Setting up of accounting software including chart of accounts
    iii) Accounting software training for staff
    iv) Maintenance service for the accounting software
6) Design, set up and maintenance of Accounting Manual
7) Turn key project for setting up of Accounting system

Compliance services
1) Compile financial reports to statutory reporting format in compliance with Financial Reporting Standards (“FRS”) as required by S201 of  
    the Singapore Companies Act.
2) Perform ad-hoc special review assignments

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Corporate Secretarial

             BMI Corporate Services Pte Ltd , a member of the BM Intelligence Group headquartered in Hong Kong, provides quality and timely corporate secretarial services to both Public and Private limited companies incorporated in Singapore.
Scope of services
1) Incorporation of public and private limited companies
2) Preparing board resolutions and shareholders’ resolutions
3) Recording minutes of board and shareholders’ meetings
4) Maintaining statutory registers and minutes books for public and private companies
5) Filing of Annual Returns and lodgment of notices with the relevant statutory authorities
6) Striking-off of private limited companies
7) Provision of nominee director, nominee shareholder and named secretary
8) Provision of registered office facilities and business address
9) Advising/updating clients on compliance with the Singapore Companies Act
10) Registration of partnership and sole-proprietorship
11) Handling any other general corporate secretarial duties

Scope of services for companies listed in Singapore Stock Exchange
1) Assist in pre-IPO matters such as corporate restructure, review of corporate governance structure.
2) Assist in the ongoing compliance matters
3) Assist in the publication of annual, interim and quarterly results
4) Assist in the preparation and publication of annual reports
5) Communicate with the Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) and regulatory bodies on transactions and disclosure requirements and public
6) Attend directors' and shareholders' meeting
7) Prepare chairman's scripts and minutes
8) Lodge accounts/ relevant forms with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore

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Tax Services

         In today's increasing complex and interconnected business environment, it is of paramount importance that Companies stay abreast for fast-changing and dynamic tax-related legal and regulatory requirements.
         BMI Tax Services Pte Ltd offers effective tax compliance advice to give a distinct competitive advantage for the business. As a member of the BM Intelligence Group headquartered in Hong Kong, BMI Tax Services provides a high degree of tax compliance services for both Corporate and Individuals.

1) Business tax compliance, duties include:
    i) To advise the client on Estimated Chargeable Income filing,
    ii) Preparation of Annual Income Tax Return (Form C) with specific review on the proper tax treatment on the profit and expenses,
    iii) To attend the IRAS queries and clarifications on tax matters,
    iv) To assist in Advance Tax Ruling whereby the tax law is ambiguous and conflicts need to be ironed out on certain tax issues.
    v) To apply for Residence Certificate, Registration of New Tax Payer as well as Tax Clearance and Waiver.

2) International tax services, duties include:
    i) To manage territorial tax risks and meet cross-border reporting obligations,
    ii) Assist with international tax issues for claim, to maintain effective relationships with the tax authorities,
    iii) To interpret tax treaties and directives with emphasis on cross-border tax exemptions and reliefs.

3) Transaction tax and tax policy, duties include:
    i) To review the transactions that carries tax implications, whether it is an acquisition, disposal, refinancing or restructuring,
    ii) To develop tax policies that resolve impediments to business needs that provide insights with the government to explain issues and clarify 

1) Personal tax compliance, duties include:
    i) To advise the client on personal tax rebates and reliefs,
    ii) Preparation of Annual Income Tax Return (Form B/B1) with specific review on the proper tax treatment on the profit and expenses,
    iii) To attend the IRAS queries and clarifications on tax matters,
    iv) To assist in Advance Tax Ruling whereby the tax law is ambiguous and conflicts needs to be ironed out on certain tax issues,
    v) To explain Withholding Tax implications for Non-resident Individuals and apply for personal tax clearance for individuals leaving Singapore.

2) GST, Tax investigations and Property Tax matters, duties include:
    i) To review GST jurisdiction and computations with local and cross-border authorities,
    ii) To assist in correspondences during IRAS investigations,
    iii) To elaborate the tax impact on owning and leasing of properties as investments and to deal with the Property Tax Authority on any    

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BMI Advisory Pte Ltd, a member of the BM Intelligence Group headquartered in Hong Kong, provides a wide range of corporate advisory services to assist companies in maximizing business potential.
Scope of services:

1) Pre-IPO consultancy
Our independent professional advisors have the necessary experience in Initial Public Offerings (“IPO”) for local and overseas companies who intended to go public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (“HKEx”). The consulting services include:
i) Pre-IPO enterprise risk management
ii) Preliminary assessment and evaluations
iii) Corporate restructuring
iv) Coordinating and monitoring timeframe

2) Private placements
For companies needing investment capital, private placements often save time and fees compared to public offerings. Our assistance throughout the process includes:
i) Feasibility studies and preparation of business plan
ii) Searching for potential investors
iii) Corporate value assessment and capital structuring
iv) Negotiating for fair placement price and the best placement terms

3) Private equities
Our capability to advise on all aspects of private equity transactions ensures that all our clients succeed in a constantly changing financial environment. The advisory services include:
i) Deal origination, planning and structuring
ii) Fund formation, administration and liquidation
iii) Exit planning and execution
iv) Regulatory compliance

4) Mergers and acquisitions (“M & A”)
With the target of minimizing risk and maximizing client returns, we provide assistance in identifying the suitable company for merger or finding the right investment project. The advisory services include:
i) Evaluation and appraisal of M & A opportunities
ii) Conducting due diligence on potential M & A targets
iii) Deal structuring
iv) Transaction and merger integration

5) Business advisory
As part of our advisory services, our business advisors also devise the most suitable strategies for companies to maximize profits.

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